For the modern Retail business stock management, staff scheduling and accounting is time consuming and difficult to manage
At Chilli, we specialise in amazing cloud solutions for your Retail business with Xero as the Hub, allowing to you to save time, get ahead and stress less.

  • Vend point of sale software + Xero = a complete POS, inventory and accounting solution giving you:
    • Instant visibility of stock levels from any device
    • Automatic re-ordering levels and help with predicting inventory levels
    • Easy mobile payment solutions
    • Support for multiple bricks and mortar stores and your online operations
    • Accounting transactions posted daily in Xero
  • Deputy scheduling and time attendance software + Xero allows you to schedule, pay your staff and update your accounts at the same time
    • Find available staff and publish schedules
    • Staff clock in and out on their mobiles
    • Time sheets created for approval and sent straight to Xero for payment
    • Sales data from Vend can be pulled into Deputy to align staff scheduling with customer volumes
  • Receipt Bank combined with Xero means you have digital receipt and expense management putting you well on the way to being a paperless business
  • To top it all off your overall business performance can be seen from the excellent reporting available in Xero.
  • These solutions integrate well with our fixed price packages so choose:
    • Yellow Chilli if you want help with the software set up but are then keen to go your own way until the year end accounts and tax return are required
    • Green Chilli if you require quarterly support to help interpret the figures to allow your business to grow
    • Red Chilli if you need the laser focus of monthly meetings with your Virtual CFO to get the most insight out of your software package

Note: The cost of Xero & Receipt Bank are included as standard in our fixed price packages. Vend & Deputy would be added as additional costs.